Blakely "Blake" Johnson
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue and Hazel
Birthday: May 29,1996
Aliases: Blakie(Parents)


Family & Friends
Family: Brandon Johnson(Father)

Marissa Johnson(Mother)

Relationships: Stefano(Boyfriend)
Sexuality: Gay
Pet(s): Kiba(Dog)
Other Information
Interests: Flirting with other guys



Clique: Nerds

Glee Club

A/V Club

Drama Club

Education: Dalton Academy(Former)

Willam McKinley High School

Talent: Martial Arts
Strengths: Singing

Martial Arts


Weaknesses: Bullies
Series Information
Portrayer: Klainer 619

Blakely Johnson Edit

Blakely also known as Blake is portrayed by Klainer 619. First appearance is Duets .


He lived in Toronto Ontario, Canda before he moved to Lima,Ohio. He is a former member of the Dalton Academy Warblers where he was outed by one of the students. He is a new student a Willam McKinley High School. His parents accepted him being gay. He is heavily bullied by the jocks even though he is a black belt in Martial Arts.


Blake is very nerdy and funny. Very caring and loveable. He is Jewish and transfered from Dalton Academy. He is a dapper young guy who is pretty romantic when he is trying to win a guy. He loves flirting with other guys. He is Eurasian and use to live in Canada before he moved to Lima,Ohio. He is an martial artist expert and can beat up any bully but still gets picked on. He hopes to find someone who will stand up for him against the bullies.





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