Know It All
Season 1, Episode 12
Know It All
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This is the Twelfth episode in the first season of The Wonder Years.

Author's NoteEdit

I feel even though I took me longer to write this episode it was still rushed. So after this episode I'm going to do things differently on the next episode to see if it will come out better but I hope you enjoy.


Christmas Break was rather interesting. Devlin kissed and it was
wonderful. But now Blake isn’t talking to me I think we broke up

Stefano looks down the hallway at Kayla, who was watching Lana.

Looks like I’m not the only one that had the worst holiday break. I honestly don’t know what happened between those two.

Stefano walked into Abigail as he headed towards the choir room.

“Hey, Abby,” Stefano greets her.

“Hey, Stefano, can I ask you a question?” Abigail asks.

“Yes, I like Devlin. Yes, I would dump Blake for Devlin. No, I won’t hurt Devlin,” Stefano says before Abigail could ask.

is in love with him. I didn’t see that one coming. I knew they were
beards but still. I understand why she is in love with him. Under that
bad-ass image there is the sweetness person that has been through a lot.

They walked quietly to the choir room.


I, Sera Leum, maybe an enemy of the New Directions but I have my sights on
a sweet girl. She maybe the ex-girlfriend of one Brandon Cole and Lana
Menaz but she still came up on my radar.

Sera walked up to Amelia.

“Hello, dear,” Sera says sweetly.

Amelia looks at Sera with a raised eyebrow as Sera smiles.

“I was wondering if you would like to get coffee or something tonight,” asks Sera.

“Or something? Let me think about it,” Amelia says with a smile as she turned around to walk off.

Ok that wasn’t how I planned that to go.

Amelia turns back around.

“I would love too,” says Amelia before heading to the choir room.

Sera smiles as Amelia walks away.


Lana walked towards the gym. I need time to think. Sorry, guys but I don’t think I will be at practice this week.

you the benefit of the doubt. Till you showed me what you were about.
Your true colors came out. Ohhhh. And your words couldn't hide the
scent. Cause the truth about where you've been. Is in a fragrance I
can't recognize. Standing there. Scratching your head. Blood shot eyes,
drunk with regret. Hanging yourself ten feet over the edge.”

Lana slows her pace to the gym not knowing that Kayla was walking behind her.

done with this. Feeling like an idiot. Lovin you, I'm over it. I just
don't love you, don't love you no more. You, you are so yesterday. Never
thought you'd lose my love this way. Now you come begging me to stay.
Say, you, you are so yesterday. I won't let you rain on my parade. Don't
wanna hear a thing you say. So yesterday.”

Kayla watches as Lana turns around.

what you saying to me is. There no more you and I. I couldn't get right
on yesterday. So kiss our tomorrow goodbye. Baby, love should have
brought me home. Now I'm crying like a baby. Girl your love is just like
my blanket. Don't know what to do without it. I'm standing here.
Pleading my case. You don't care to hear what I say. Hanging yourself
ten feet over the edge ooh no baby.”

Lana sings ,”And now you wanna reminisce?”

Kayla sings,” Now I wanna reminisce?”

Lana sings,”Say you wanna try again?”

Kayla sings,” Said I wanna try again.”

Lana sings,”Now
I never wanna see you, never wanna feel you. Ever wanna hear you. I
don't love you, don't need you, can't stand you. No More...”

Lana turns to walk off.

“You are such a hypocrite,” spits Kayla.

“Excuse me,” Lana says as she turns around.

“Yes. Yes you are. You are pissed that I cheated on you but yet you cheated on me with Sofia,” hissed Kayla. Lana laughs.

can you compare you sleeping with Damon to me kissing Sofia? I didn’t
think you ever could be that dense. Let me guess Damon told you that I
slept with Sofia,” Lana says.

“And keeping from me that you kissed someone other than your girlfriend is any better?” asks Kayla.

could say the same thing to you about sleeping with someone that isn’t
your girlfriend. This is where we end. I hope you are happy with Damon,”
Lana says as she storms off.


Kayla arrived at the choir room to find that Blake, Dom and Lana are all missing.

“Has anyone seen Blake, Dom or Lana today?” ask Mr. Shue.

room was quiet as everyone tried to figure out how to tell him the
events of the break. Stefano gets up to break the silence.

“Well, Mr. Shue, I have a song I wish to dedicate to Blake,” Stefano says as he motioned for the band to start.

Know It All. Well you you think you know it all. But you don't know a
thing at all ain't it. Ain't it something y'all. When somebody tells you
something about you. Think that they know you more than you do. So you
take it down, another pill to swallow.”

Blake walks in with an unhappy look.

Bring Me Down. Well you like to bring me down, don't you. But I ain't
laying down. Baby I ain't going down. Can't nobody tell me how it's
gonna be? Nobody's gonna make a fool out of me. Baby you should know
that I lead not follow. Oh you think that you know me, know me. that's
why I'm leaving you lonely, lonely. 'Cause baby you don't know a thing
about me. You don't know a thing about me. You ain't got the right to
tell me. When and where to go, no right to tell me. Acting like you own
me lately. Yeah baby you don't know a thing about me. You don't know a
thing about me.”
ain't got the right to tell me. When and where, no right to tell me.
Acting like you own me lately. Yeah baby you don't know a thing about
me. You don't know a thing about me. Mr. Know It All. Well you you think
you know it all. But you don't know a thing at all. Yeah baby you don't
know a thing about me. You don't know a thing about me.”

Mr. Shue was the only one to clap at Stefano’s performance.

“I’m guessing the Christmas break wasn’t good for everyone,” Mr. Shue says as the bell rings.

“You guessed right, Mr. Shue,” Rose says as everyone exits the choir room.


Amelia runs to catch up with Kayla.

“Can I talk to you?” asks Amelia.

Kayla just looks at Amelia.

“As a friend. I wanna help you with Lana,” says Amelia.

Kayla lets Amelia drag her into a classroom.

sit and listen,” says Amelia,” One a kiss to Lana means nothing to her
unless from you. Two if she says she doesn’t love you she is lying.
Three why did you do it because he was just using you. Four just give
her some time and space.”

Kayla breaks down in tears. Amelia wraps her arms around her.

“I know I haven’t been much of a friend to you but I’m here for you,” whispers Amelia.


next day Lana finds herself in The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. She
sits in the back when she hears someone on stage. She hears someone
behind her. She looks up to see Stefano.

“Who is on stage?” asks Stefano.

Lana just shrugged. The lights went up revealing Damon. Damon starts to sing.

“I see you're making out like you're solid gold. Say you keep your nose clean but that's not what I've been told.”

Damon smiles when he sees Lana and Stefano. Lana starts to get up but Stefano stops her.

“He just wants to start something,” whispers Stefano.

They spot Kayla on the other side of the room. Damon spots her to because his smile gets wider.

yeah Oh yeah Give me what I want. Or I'm gonna have to tell them all.
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Give me what I want. Or I'm gonna have to tell about
you, Woo Hoo Hoo! So who's your girlfriend looks like a real winner.
Sweet little sister don't know that you're my sinner. You're really
makin' out. You're solid gold. You keep your nose clean. But I know
you've been missin' me!”

“Well, well, well what do we have here,” Damon says as he jumps down and heads towards Lana and Stefano.

This will be fun. Now Kayla will be mine and Sofia will be avenged with Lana in pieces.

“Stefano, did you hear something? I thought I heard a pest talk,” Lana asks.

go, Lana. He isn’t worth it. He is nothing but a piece of worthless
trash,” Stefano says as he pulls Lana towards the door.

Stefano looks over his shoulder to see that Kayla is now standing behind them.

“Listen to Stefano, Lana,” says Kayla.

Lana looks at Kayla as Stefano pushes her out. Kayla waited for them to leave.

say a thing. What we did was wrong. I feel not a thing about you. If
you get in my way of getting the girl I love with everything in my heart
back I will end you faster then you can think,” hissed Kayla.

Kayla left Damon standing there speechless.


Stefano watched Lana walk away with things on her mind.

I wish I could help her and Kayla. Without them I wouldn’t have found Devlin. Crap and here comes Blake.

We are through,” was all Blake said before walking away.

Wow ok. Good. Now I can go ask Devlin out.


everyone was gathered in the choir. Amelia looks at everyone. Stefano
is smiling goofily at Devlin, Lana is trying to hide the fact that she
is staring at Kayla and everyone else seemed to be more lively.

Mr. Shue and Nick walked into the choir room.

“We all have had a bad week but we are going to end this week with an audition,” Mr. Shue gestured to Nick, “Take it away.”

“I will be singing a mash up of We Are Young and Constant Craving,” Nicks says.

through the darkest phase. Be it thick or thin. Always someone marches
brave. Here beneath my skin. And constant craving. Has always been. Give
me a second, I I need to get my story straight. My friends are in the
bathroom. Getting higher than the Empire State. My lover, he is waiting
for me. Just across the bar. My seat's been taken by some sunglasses.
Asking 'bout a scar and Tonight. We are young. So let's set the world on
fire. We can burn brighter than the sun. Maybe a great magnet pulls.
All souls towards truth. Or maybe it is life itself. Leads wisdom. To
its youth. Now I know that I'm not. All that you got. I guess that I I
just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart. Constant
craving. Has always been. Craving.”

Everyone claps as Nick smiles.